The Black Health Primer aims to transform medical and health professional education to improve the lives of Black communities and beyond. It was created in response to gaps in education and training on Black health and anti-Black racism in medicine and public health in Canada.

Anchored in critical race theory, the course supports the “unlearning” of anti-Black racism to create responsive health care professionals informed on anti-Black racism that are guided by anti-racist practices and offer solutions to address individual and institutional health inequities.

Learners from across health disciplines, professions, organizations and communities will gain knowledge in and promote dialogue on anti-Black racism and Black health, learn to identify anti-Black racism in health care and its effects on health and learn racially just practices to improve the health of Black people and communities across Canada.

Individual rate$350
Community-based general$250
Community-based Black-led/Black-serving$150
Individual student/resident rate$150